Fire Alarms

Business.Government.Fire AlarmRapid detection is the first line of defense against fire.  Seconds matter in fire detection, take every precaution and let us design, install, service and inspect the most reliable, code compliant system for your location. Our system designer is NICET Level 4 certified and will work every detail for code compliance, reliability and cost effectiveness.  Our licensed technicians will install your system quickly, efficiently and according to specifications, from new construction to tenant build-out.

Our advanced warning systems, such as linear heat and air sampling detectors, can sense potential fire hazards due to overheating of finite smoke particles. They can send an alert before a fire breaks out, giving you the needed time to prevent injury and property damage.

Dedicated telephone lines are no longer required to meet code and new sole path cellular service can increase reliability and reduce annual operating costs.  Our fire alarm monitoring services will keep your building safe when disaster strikes. 

Annual inspection and maintenance services will ensure not only fire code compliance, but keep your system investment in top working order.